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Kara O'Kane

I was born with a natural sense of adventure, a longing to see what was beyond the horizon, an innate drive to climb the next mountain, explore the woods and jump into the water. 

Over the years I've found a way to balance my sense of adventure with modern life, combining my love for adventure with family life and a career where I am able to travel, write and help other women embrace their adventurous spirit. 

Despite the growing number of resources for adventurous women, I was unable to find anything I resonated with, as a woman who balances life at home and on the road, so Adventurous-Her was born. 

We are currently growing our community of adventurous-hearted women who want to embrace who they truly are both at home and while they are traveling through writing, online group meetings and compiling tools and resources for women who are excited to bring a sense of adventure to their everyday lives. 

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