I'm Kara O'Kane and I was born for adventure.

I've always loved adventure, writing and exploring the deeper meaning and purpose of this life. As a therapist, transformational adventure mentor and freelance writer, I get to combine my love of travel and adventure with my life purpose of helping other women become the best versions of themselves and find passion and meaning in life through travel experiences. 

My most transformational adventure began when I felt the most lost in my life. I had just filed for divorce and had no idea who I was or what my life purpose would be once I left my marriage. On a whim, I accepted an invitation from a girlfriend to join her in Europe for a month during the summer of 2013, and the journey to my biggest life transformation began. 

I spent the next 3 months exploring Europe (mostly on my own) and was invited to stay with an amazing family in Norway before heading back home to the states. My time in Europe, and specifically Norway, allowed me to see a different way of living, opened my eyes to new ways of being in the world and allowed me to believe I could transform my everyday life into something I truly loved. 

Fastforward 4 years and here I am, married to the love of my life, practicing as a licensed therapist, enjoying success as a published freelance travel and wellness writer and taking women on life-changing adventures all over the world. 

It is my passion to experience life-changing adventure, write about everything travel and teach other women how to use travel as a way of transforming themselves and opening up to the life they truly love living. 

I work with individual clients, travel and wellness publications and small businesses that cater to adventurous women.

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