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Norway pre-adventure


December 2-12, 2017 I will be flying to Oslo and Tromso (in the arctic circle in Northern Norway) to finalize everything for my upcoming retreat in March 2018. During my visit, I'll stay in the houses I'm planning on renting for the big retreat, figuring out details on pricing for transportation and activities, and experiencing everything I'm offering on my retreat first-hand. 

Since there will be room for 2 extra people in the houses I'm staying in, I'm offering a very special opportunity and deep discount for anyone who would like to join me on my pre-retreat trip. The trip will be "at-cost," which means I took the actual cost of the houses we will be staying in and split it 3 ways. You are responsible for your own airfare (I will let you know which tickets to buy on Norwegian airlines) and your own public transportation costs. 

First, we will fly direct from LAX to Oslo and make our way to our house just 50 minutes outside of the city center. Oslo's amazing public transportation allows us to go anywhere we'd like in and around the city without having to rent a car. We will stay in Oslo for 5 days and then fly up to the arctic in Tromso to catch a glimpse of the Northern lights. 

In Tromso we will also stay in a fully equipped house where we can prepare meals and hopefully view the northern lights out over the sea from our living room. Again, public transportation is great here and we will have full freedom to explore downtown Tromso and participate in any winter activities. 

Lastly, we will orly back from Tromso to Oslo on December 12th and have a few hours to explore the city before our flight leaves for LAX. 



What are the differences between the pre-retreat and the actual retreat? You will pretty much be on your own to figure out what you'd like to do while we are in Norway. It's kind of a choose-your-own-adventure trip where you will be free to plan your own schedule and experience anything you'd like to do and see in Oslo and Tromso. 

I will be off exploring specific areas and activities that I want to offer my guests for my retreat in March, so you are welcome to tag along or do your own thing. Possible activities include: going to see the olympic ski jump, touring Oslo, going to the spa and turkish baths, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, cafe jumping, viewing grand cathedrals, seeing polar bears, downhill skiing, hiking and maybe attending a meet-up or two that sound interesting in order to connect with locals. I also have friends in Oslo that I'm sure we will meet up with for a night on the town and to get a local perspective of this amazing city. 

You are on your own for food and drink costs. Both houses we will be staying in have a grocery store within walking distance, as well as cafes and shops near by. We will grocery shop on our day of arrival and you are free to pick anything you'd like and be on your own schedule when it comes to eating. Our houses also have fully stocked kitchens, so you can prepare anything you'd like. 

I will be out and about most of the day researching for my retreat, but if you are interested in any private 1 on 1 sessions (meditation, writing, day planning, reiki, coaching, etc.), then I will keep a few hours open to accommodate you. (extra cost applies, $100 per hour)

Our trip will include lots of quiet and down time where you are free to do whatever you'd like. We can choose to go do activities together, or you can take off all day on your own. It's a unique opportunity to travel to the magical country of Norway and really create the adventure of your dreams. 

Total cost for airfare and lodging will be around $1264, plus food, drink and public transportation (train cost to and from airport - $36, ferry to and from our island in Oslo - $28, bus fare to and from ferry and to and from city in tromso - $4) 

Depending on how much you want to eat out, food can be expensive in Norway so plan a good food budget. Alcohol is also expensive, so I'll be bringing a few bottles of good wine in my checked luggage to sip with dinner when we eat at home. 

Keep in mind that we will be near and in the arctic circle, so it's important to dress accordingly. I will send you a list of what to pack once you register. We will also have limited daylight in December, so we have to plan our day activities around the limited sunshine. I actually like the darkness and love taking pictures of the arctic light...It's just beautiful! (Don't worry, we will have the opportunity to go experience the midnight sun during the summer Norway retreats!) 

Norway is a truly magical place that is dear to my heart. I'll be sharing more about my first trip to Norway and the life-changing adventure I had when it felt like my life was falling apart. This country has the most beautiful scenery I've ever laid eyes on both in the summer and in the winter and it's a place that feels like home to me. Year after year, Norwegians report being the happiest people on earth and I believe that living in such a beautiful, unspoiled, friendly and eco-sensitive places has a huge impact on that happiness. There is also an appreciation for the outdoors that is unmatched in anywhere I've traveled to. 

I'm so excited to be returning to the place I love and to have the opportunity to share it with you! To learn more or reserve your spot, fill out the form below. Space is extremely limited to 2 people and there is a lot of interest, so please let me know why you want to travel to Norway and what you hope to gain from our trip. 


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